Gold Independent Study Test Prep Plan

Gold Independent Study Test Prep Plan


This is an independent study plan to help prepare you for the ACT or SAT tests. Upon purchasing this plan, you’ll receive an email from us that will link you to our calendar where you can schedule your 30-minute consultation with us.

During your consultation, we’ll get to know you. We’ll learn about your academic goals and struggles. We’ll also provide instruction for how we’d like you to proceed with our diagnostic assessment.

Within two weeks of assessment completion, we’ll contact you via email with your diagnostic results and your personalized test prep plan.

Your test prep plan is an independent study program. We’ll provide a list of resources and insights to help you improve your ACT/SAT test scores.

The GOLD plan includes 2 tutoring sessions. You be instructed to schedule your sessions at the time of your consultation.

The GOLD independent study test prep plan includes:

  • Expert ACT/SAT Diagnostic

  • Personalized Resource List

  • Official Practice Tests

  • Individualized Study Plan

  • 2 Tutoring Sessions

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