Nearly all U.S. colleges and universities accept the Common Application which requires you to write a minimum of one main personal statement. This will be your "base” essay.

Most of the top-50 ranked universities and liberal arts colleges (LAC’s) will also require writing supplements which can vary dramatically from school to school in terms of style, length (word count), and quantity.

Depending on the school, these essays have varying degrees of importance within the overall application and admissions process so it's best to be prepared with excellent essays that put the best version of you front and center.

Why do these essays and supplements present such a challenge to students?

Because the types of questions and writing required for college essays is vastly different from the kind of writing most students have ever done. Some of the short-response questions, for example, require the talents of an advertising copywriter.

We'll help you get to the heart of how you're different:

Other college essay coaches and college counselors often promote hours of journaling and free-writing exercises. We’ve never needed to do that to find good stories within our students.


We'll guide and support you to write a truly compelling essay, but one that is yours—in your own words and your own voice.


Getting Started?

If you're just beginning your college admissions journey, you'll need a stand-alone essay for the Common App Personal Statement

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Stand Alone Main Personal Statement Guidance Package

1. Begin with our Find Your Story personal interview and Writing Intro brainstorming session.

2. Next, we'll guide you in a Writing Intro brainstorm session.

3. For inspiration, we'll send you a custom-curated collection of Veridian’s successful essays depending on your application goals and topic area.

4. You'll receive our helpful Grammar, Punctuation, and Style Guide

5. With continuous back and forth email feedback, we'll keep you engaged, excited, and moving forward with accountability and support to help you avoid writer's block.

6. Includes a 30-minute mid-way Writing Check-In call (via Skype) to answer your questions and help you stay focused.

7. We'll help sculpt your essay into a polished, admissions-ready piece with unlimited rounds of honest and specific comments and corrections.

8. We'll have one of our partner Admissions Officers read your essay to give expert feedback.

9. At this point, a few minor adjustments are typically needed to finalize everything.

10. Your Personal Statement will be complete and ready! You'll feel confident (like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders) because your essay will be a powerful and cohesive representation of who you are—in your own words. 

Personal Statement Guidance Investment | $650 (We offer sliding scale & Pro-Bono pricing for low-income Families. Please inquire!)


Need more help?

College Admissions Personal Statement Proofreading

Supplemental Essay Guidance

Some colleges require one supplemental essay. Others request multiple.

Often, the short answer questions are more challenging to write and require more rounds of revisions than the main 650-word essay.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to writing these supplemental essays, but we've discovered that after creating a few, most of our students get a handle on them and require less guidance time—sometimes just 10 minute feedback calls.  

Our Supplemental Essay Guidance is billed by the hour and we always set a maximum price cap so you know exactly what to budget.

Supplemental Essays Guidance | Please Inquire Below