Many tutoring companies employ recent college graduates and tout their youth (implying that they relate better to teens). But what you really want is the maturity and insight to teach all kinds of kids with varying learning styles and knowledge gaps.

We have first-hand experience with the way the adolescent brain works—the patterns and pitfalls. We know how to motivate, support, and instill confidence.

  • Subject experts

  • Experienced educators

  • Parents of Ivy League students

  • In-depth knowledge of the admissions process

  • Understanding of international student needs

  • Proven college acceptance track record

  • Convenient sessions in person or via Skype

  • Trained by acclaimed author Erica Meltzer of The Critical Reader.


How Tutoring Works:


Click below to fill out our our short form. After receiving your information, we'll contact you to schedule a phone consultation and get your tutoring schedule set up. 


Tutoring begins with our expert ACT/SAT Diagnostic Evaluation. Then we'll create a customized resource list and develop a personalized study plan. The diagnostic session is a $125 value.


Private tutoring sessions are structured to meet your individual needs. Based on the results of your diagnostic evaluation, we'll work on specific lessons to make efficient, targeted improvements in key areas.

Our rates are competitive with other firms and we also offer sliding-scale. If you are a low-income student, please get in touch!