Will my child work with one tutor for all subjects?

No. Subject expertise is crucial. Certainly there are a rare few people who are good at all areas and perform well themselves in all areas, but to teach at the highest level, you need to have deep conceptual understanding. You rarely find mathematicians conversant in dangling modifiers, and writers waxing poetic on quadratic equations. You will coordinate with one person on our team—who will arrange your tutoring sessions with our specialists. Our process works very smoothly. We take great pride in providing a convenient and low-stress experience for our clients.

Private tutoring seems more expensive than just taking a class. Am I right?

Most of our clients spend roughly the same amount on individual tutoring as they’d spend on class fees. The beauty of private tutoring is it's highly personalized. This means you get great value for your investment. We can do more in one hour than what's typically accomplished in four hours of classroom time because your child's tutoring plan is 100% geared toward his or her specific needs.

Are skype sessions as effective as in-person tutoring?

Yes, 100%.  There are some nice things about meeting in person, but we’ve seen no difference in the results we're able to achieve. Additionally, we've noticed our students form trusting bonds with their us whether we meet in person or via Skype or FaceTime. In fact, sometimes students feel more relaxed during Skype tutoring sessions because they're able to meet from the comfort of their homes. Skype sessions are SUPER convenient because nobody needs to drive anywhere. Skype tutoring enables scheduling flexibility, takes less time out of your day (because you don't need to drive to and from), and we never need to cancel due to bad weather.

How do we decide whether to take the ACT or SAT?

The best way to decide which test is right for you is to do a practice ACT and a practice SAT and then compare the results -- which is what we encourage all of our students to do.  The practice tests are free and are very easy to complete at home, a local library, or some other quiet place.  

How many sessions will preparation require?

That really depends on your starting point and how much you do in between sessions.  We've had students who've only needed two sessions, often just to tweak their test-taking strategies, and others who've required several months of help because they had significant knowledge gaps.  The more work students do on their own  - with our guidance of course - in between sessions, the fewer session they generally need.  But we never do more sessions than are needed and if your student is done and ready, we will say so!

How long are tutoring sessions?

Most people opt for hour-long sessions, but we tailor our session to your goals, timing, budget, and how your student is feeling that day.  Sometimes students want to work longer because they're motivated, we're on a roll, covering a lot of ground.  And there are days when a student comes to us/or meets us online and it's clear he or she isn't feeling well, or just feels overloaded with other school work.  Or, when your student isn't feeling well, or we get to the point where we've given your student a "green light" that he/she done and ready, we may just do a 20-30 minute check in.  But what you can be sure of is that we are always mindful of your teen's needs, time and your budget.  And you will always be in the loop about what we're doing and progress.

What’s your background/experience?

Our tutors and college admissions guides have very specialized backgrounds.