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Not familiar with the U.S. college application requirements? 

We can help.


The U.S. college application process is overwhelming and confusing to American students and parents. So it’s no wonder you may be feeling truly confused if you live outside the United States.

Our higher education system is complex and nuanced—more so than the admissions processes you will encounter with colleges and universities in other countries.

While most higher education schools around the world admit students based primarily on grades and scores, our system is a bit more complex. Each school in the United States has its own set of application requirements and to even be considered for admissions, you must not only comply with these requirements, you must stand out.

Admissions counseling for U.S. colleges and universities

The Veridian Difference:



We’ve worked with students from Asia, Canada, and Europe and have helped them get into their college choices.

Additionally, we understand common foreign language pitfalls that non-native speakers face on the ACT/SAT and in the college essay process. 



We'll help you plan your high school education strategically like U.S. families do. This includes:

● course selection

● acquiring recommendations

● deciding upon extra-curricular and summer activities that will enrich you as a person and help you shine as an applicant



We'll guide you through every aspect of the college application process from choosing the best test for you (ACT vs. SAT, SAT Subject Tests) to writing great college essays and supplements.

We'll also help you navigate the detailed sections of the Common Application.


ivy league insights

We can help you with the "Ivies," but we can also help you think beyond them as well.

The fact is: the number of international students accepted to Ivy League institutions (+ Stanford, MIT, etc.) is growing. This means, the number of international students applying is also growing—hence a lower acceptance rate.  

If appropriate, we can also provide development consultations.

Thank you so much!!! As an international student, I was really worried (and so were my parents) about how I was going to write so many college essays in English. Valerie helped me brainstorm ideas by asking me a lot of questions about my life, my family, and my experiences. She seemed really interested in getting to know me as a person which made me feel very comfortable to work with her. She was very honest and direct, but also very friendly and supportive and I felt really good about my essays.
— David K. | Hong Kong, China|Accepted to Columbia University, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, and Boston University. Attending Columbia. University

We'll help you develop a clear advantage over other international students applying for coveted spots in American schools.